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Additional Benefits & Promotions
  • No Hardware Cost 
  • No UpFront Cost
  • Free Website Development
  • Free Booking Via Website
  **Terms & Conditions Apply** 
  • “1st month and pay as low as Rs.10,000/- up to 15 rooms, any additional room will charge Rs.750/- a month”.
  • Multi entity and location also available

FAQ (Most asked Questions)

1. What is included in your 100% free offer?

  •  Zero setup charges (One time, 2nd time will charge Rs.10,000/- per setup)
  •  Single entity & location (e.g. Karachi GuestHouse with 15 rooms will pay 10,000/- per month from 2nd month, from additional room 16th onward we will charge Rs.750/- per room a month)
  • Free Website development – (Main page, About, Booking, Services – up to five pages website, any large customization/or extra pages will price separately)
  • Online booking via Website – (KodevGlobal will integrate the Booking page with SMS or Email if the customer wants any further customization, will charge separately).

2. How soon I can see a demo?

  • Demo can be scheduled as per team availability.

3. How soon do I get online.

  • Within 2 days, after training, your Guest will be online.

4. Can you promote my website?

  • We can list you on our Hospitality page as a partner, and whenever we promote our solution, you will be promoted, this we need consent/approval from you. We can also offer Digital Marketing, via FB, Instagram.

5. Can I add any module or customisation as per need?

  • Our solution is very rich in functionality and build on years of development, we can assure you that the solution can best fit your requirement, however, if there is a change require that benefit our solution, we can discuss it as a separate development.

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we have lot more where that came from

HOtel Management Software

Providing best efficient software development services to customers worldwide

Our hospitality division manages your technology needs by project consulting approach, with world-class software solutions and hardware.

The hospitality industry is very dynamic. Rapid technological advancements demand new-age solutions. The preferences and tastes of guests change constantly. Amidst all this, what helps a business swim smooth, even in rough waters, is relentless innovation.

In our partnership with the leading technology provider, we strive hard to predict future trends and come up with the best possible solutions for our customers. Here’s a glimpse of what the hospitality future demands and will covers.

In business, you always need to assistance of proper tools to guarantee the smooth functioning of all the daily operations. This is especially correct in the case of the hospitality industry. One way to stay ahead of your competitors is by investing in good hotel management software wherein all the important hotel tasks would be managed and supervised by it. Of course, you need agile and knowledgeable staff to keep the software running efficiently.

How does it works?

Set up your hotel

Configure user roles, Forex, Room rates, connect with OTAs, customize guest forms, etc.

Manage Reservation

A single platform that consolidates all guests’ details, preferences, past & future stays.

Increase Bookings

Connect with SiteMinder and OTAs such as with real-time, two-way integration. Save time, multiply reservations seamlessly.

Housekeeping Ops

Automate your housekeeping operations. Never leave a guest waiting for a cleanroom. No more walkie-talkie or phone calls to find an available room.

Run Reports

Increase your profits with data-driven decisions. Keep track of your hotel’s growth, be in full control.

We are ready to meet your needs.

For increasing the productivity of your staff and speed up the entire in-house operations, it is a must in today’s time to look for suitable and pocket-friendly hotel management software.

Kodev Global is a partner with one of the leading solutions that can best fit your needs.

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