Information is the oxygen of the modern age. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire, it wafts across the electrified borders. Ronald Reagan

We at Kodev Global relentlessly working towards the One & only mission to improve information security – not just for our clients for the entire community

Our mission is to secure and empower productivity in a privacy-focused world, where work and play can happen anywhere. With everything now in the cloud, it’s critical that cybersecurity follows you wherever you go, securing your data from the endpoint all the way to the cloud.

We provide the following services for the betterment of our customer

  • Infrastructure penetration testing
  • Mobile penetration testing
  • Cloud security testing
  • web application testing


Infrastructure (Network) Penetration Testing is an effective method to detect vulnerabilities and security flaws underlying in your network. This method ensures that your business is secure from cyber-attacks and breaches

we follow a very rigorous testing approach which involves the following procedure

  • Network mapping & discovery
  • Vulnerability identification
  • Service enumeration
  • Post exploitation
  • Manual validation & exploitation


A mobile application penetration test emulates an attack specifically targeting a custom mobile application (iOS and/or Android) and aims to enumerate all vulnerabilities within an app, ranging from binary compile issues and improper sensitive data storage to more traditional application-based issues such as username enumeration or injection

we follow a very rigorous testing approach which involves the following procedure

  • Reconnaissance
  • Threat modelling
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Exploitation
  • End-to-end assessment


If the applications can move to cloud, why can’t security testing?

At Kodev Global, our team of experts can provide your business with a cloud security testing service that

discovers and highlights weaknesses within your organization’s cloud infrastructure. Providing you with information that is essential to fortifying your security measures and protecting your business from cyber-

attacks, cloud security testing is fundamental to security in today’s digital business landscape


we follow a very rigorous testing approach which involves the following procedure

discovery phase

  • target identification & information gathering
  • target enumeration
  • attack surface enumeration

core assessment phase

The core assessment phase is where the tester/identifies and exploits vulnerabilities. The tester/s will attempt to replicate as closely as possible real-life ‘hacker’ behavior